Revenge of the Goddess

February 16, 2012 by Will

Revenge of the Goddess - by Lynn Rogers

Revenge of the Goddess - by Lynn Rogers

Revenge of the Goddess

A novel by Lynn Rogers

Another in the series . . .

I read Revenge of the Goddess and was heartened by its beauty and expression of the complicated dynamics we as humans beings experience in our life journeys. Rogers’ characters are willing to explore the darker aspects of themselves; Nothing is simple and there are ways we can empower ourselves. Colly acknowledges her vulnerability but acts from her strength. By exploring what is unknown or scary to us, we might be able to learn something. The transgender community her friendship with Ken reveals, could be looked at as a different culture. When we open ourselves up to the gems from experiences outside our scope, we are all enriched.

Rev. Janet Childs, Composer/Musician, director of the Centre For Living With Dying


  • ISBN: 978-0-9819173-0-6
  • 196 pages – Softbound
  • 28 illustrations
  • $19.95 tax & postage included

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Inkling Press
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