The Baroness

February 16, 2012 by Will

The Baroness - a novel by Gisela Zebroski

The Baroness - a novel by Gisela Zebroski

This suspenseful, true-to-life drama is a page turner.  It opens in the opulent Russian court society pre WW-I.  Growing anarchy foreshadows the dying days of the Russian Empire, WW-I,the spreading revolution and Lenin’s purges. These events plunge Elisa and her family into an series of deadly crises.  Married to the older Baron Carl von Hohenheim, with five children, she is a striking beauty and singer.  In the midst of growing chaos she falls in love with the intriguing Count Baranowsky.  Their powerful passion eases her despair when their communist gardener burns down the manor,  murders her nanny and a death squad confronts her family.  During Baranowsky‘s visit from the front Carl discovers Elisa’s indiscretion.  She feels little remorse and gains emotional independence in her mission to steer her family through the turbulence of the revolution.  The family escapes and flees to the home of Carl’s brother in Riga, Latvia, but the Bolsheviks soon catch up with them.  Two of her sons join the Baltic Home Front.   Gustav is killed.  Max battles against overpowering odds.  The Bolsheviks arrest Elisa and send her on a death march to a frozen lake.  She escapes execution, returns to her family and anticipates her rescue by the Home Front.

This action-packed novel is peppered with Elisa’s growing assurance of her course through the turbulence, buoyed by her  passion. Max faces danger with the help of their lusty maid, a sexy mistress of a Bolshevik commissar and the young Latvian widow he rescues from her execution.  The bloody battles amid  Bolshevik brutality drive the story to its incredible resolution.  It provides insight into the strength of character needed for survival when enmeshed in an era ongoing deadly political struggles – contemporary with Pasternak’s novel ‘Dr. Zhivago.’

  • ISBN: 0-9711039-3-3
  • 455 pages Softbound
  • $23 postpaid (USA)
  • ePub available from Amazon Kindle ISBN: 978-0-9826203-3-5

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