The Golden Band of Eddris

February 16, 2012 by Will

The Golden Band of Eddris - by Ellen Kindt McKenzie

The Golden Band of Eddris - by Ellen Kindt McKenzie


Fantasy by Ellen Kindt McKenzie

When the Knights of Ahln appear to Keld in a vision, his mother, Anna, knows she must send him and his sister, Elylden, on a long journey to save them from harm. But before they go, their mother gives them each a gift: to Keld, the coveted ring that belonged to his father, and to Elylden, the ability to see the future. Their adventure leads them to a world of sorcerers, magic caverns, lost lands, and finally the golden band-a symbol of the knowledge and power possessed by the evil witch Eddris. With the help of a warmhearted wizard, Keld and Elylden realize the strength of their gifts and discover the truth about their own mysterious past.

**He saw them coming out of the pine forest above the meadow. One by one, horsemen in full armor with swords at their sides and spears in their hands. Silver and black under the white moon, they came from beneath the trees to turn south across the meadow behind the cottage. One by one they followed to the road at the end of the meadow. One by one they went up the road to vanish over the top of the knoll. They made no sound.**

  • ISBN: 0-8050-4389-6
  • 293 pages – Hard Cover
  • Published by Henry Holt & Company, Inc.
  • $15 postpaid (USA)

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